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Buy or Exchange

Used record stores are a crucial part of a musical ecosystem where ignored or unwanted vinyl can be exchanged for fresh dj food, or sold for the cash to buy real food. Every day we open the store in the expectation that customers, friends and complete strangers will feel the need to purge their shelves to add to our bins, trading in a handful, a crateful or a trunkful of records at a fair rate of exchange in order to reap the benefits of more free new music or some paper money to pay the electronic bills.

We are always ready to buy or exchange, simply bring your records to our counter where we will sort them according to condition, interest and desirability, grouping them in their different price categories in order to settle on a final credit note for you to spend as much as you want, when you want. And if at any time you decide you are just looking for the money, we will settle out your credit note at 70% of its value in cold hard cash.

The benefits of cleaning out your collection stretch beyond the financial reward. Getting rid of the records today that you would rather not bring with you on your next move lightens your shelves and concentrates your choices to the titles you love the most. Why let a few boring records drag down your impression of your own collection when there is someone else looking for exactly those same records to fill a gap in theirs. Come on down. We take everything at the right price.