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DJ Culture

The influence of d.j. culture on our store goes beyond our listening stations and extensive selection of house, techno, hip hop and other styles of club music on twelve inch singles. We foster a digging ethic that encourages paying attention to labels, logos, producers, players, writers, remixers, studios and song titles as a path to preselection.

We insist on the needle drop, the two-to-four second stab of sound at the beginning, bridge and peak of each track on each side of every record preselected just in case, just to learn, maybe to say maybe, hopefully to cry out “YES!’, but usually just to mutter “no thanks, next.”

We highly recommend recommending and encourage encouraging, allowing customers and staff to point and enthuse and tell tales of who and when, of where that sample came from and which one you should also check out. These discussions often turn into associations, into new networks of friends and parties which converge every week on our store.