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Across the globe, retail stores are shuttered due to official restrictions, an unprecedented social measure that puts the future of the entire retail sector into question. Store owners are all asking the same questions. When will our stores be allowed to open again? What type of stores will people wish to visit after such a long period of self-isolation? What can we do to maintain a revenue stream and support our customers’ during these uncertain times?

While our doors are closed, we can still offer our stock for sale online. We are deeply familiar with the role music plays in supporting the emotional well being of our clients. In our workplace, we use music as a way to create a sense of lightness, flow and focus and are attuned to its beneficial effects on our customers’ mood. We have heard countless times from our clients about the essential role music plays in their lives.

Hopefully the asset that will allow record stores to remain relevant in the coming years is the positive cycle of offering a durable and deeply personal product that improves our customer’s mood and makes them feel connected to a greater community. Even if the opportunity to be part of that community in person is currently greatly diminished, the vital connection of caring can be bridged from the old and familiar retail milieu to the new and uncertain retail cloud. As we model this connection to others through promoting our store online, folks who are not our customers will be exposed to our culture and, without even fully opening our doors, we will have invited new people to join our community. By ensuring the well being of our clients now, we will create more clients for our future.

In the coming days, we are using our store not just as a record store but as a studio set of a record store. We have welcomed many camera crews for print, film and television productions over the years, offering our store as a setting or backdrop. We are lucky to have good lighting conditions and by improving our timing and technical skills, and by introducing novel ways of interacting with our stock, we hope to create an experience for the viewer at home that is both engaging and inspiring.

Everything that we have been doing to promote sales of our stock online is being maintained and amplified. Here are some of the ways we are expanding our use of social media to engage with our local customers:

We are returning to a time of village values and of village expectations. Record stores have always represented a place of belonging and community. What we do in the coming weeks and months will shape the future of retail for all.

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