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Listening Stations

Have you ever held a record in your hand, wondered what the music sounded like, then put it back reluctantly and spent the rest of the day worried you had missed out on something? And what about that scratch that looks like it will tick or is it just a scuff and what about that shine and many other questions we have when we find a copy of a record we know we like and have been looking for and now have to decide is this the one?

Enter the listening station, a modern solution to a postmodern problem, “Is this good enough?” Rather than sitting and waiting and wondering, you can take action. Will you like it? Listen to it! It is easy as dropping the needle. Hidden faults are revealed, mysterious marks explained, the joy or the sorrow of the music may bend or mend your heart, may stir your soul or leave you cold, but at least you will know.

We have three quality individual sound systems where everyone is welcome to sit and explore. All we ask is that you treat our goods with care, leave room for others as necessary, refile your records when able or leave that for the professionals to do. After all it is our job!