We buy collections and make house calls at your convenience! Anytime, anyplace.
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Every second Saturday we place our sound system into the hands of one or more of our customers to play a few hours of music out of our bins. These friends of the store preselect records they also have at home (or have just stumbled on that day) and “recordmend” it by playing key cuts with the skill and flow that can only come from someone playing music they love.

Listeners are encouraged to approach the d.j. for more information and an offer to purchase the music can be put forward at any time. Like it? Add it to your pile and you might just leave with it! A great way to spend the afternoon is by hanging out with friends while the store plays itself.

If you are interested in participating behind the turntables, just drop in during a regular “recordmendation” session and see how it works. Say “Hi!” and we will see what we can work out. Mixing skills are by no means necessary. As long as you love music, love the music in our store, want to share your choices and welcome others to support them, we have room for you.